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As a user - once you have been registered and validated on MODAL - you'll land first on the Home Page.  You can always return to the home page by clicking on the BFBS Logo at the top left-hand corner of any page, or on ‘HOME PAGE’ on the top right.

The home page displays a Carousel featuring our recent highlights (1), as well the latest stories and video to be uploaded to the system (2). There's also a Video wall of Editor's Picks which shows a mix of stories from the recent past which may be of interest or you may have missed.  

You'll also find the search box (3) - just insert any subject or multiple search criteria that you are looking for and the system will deliver a list of 'results' or 'records'.   On this system, the video and the metadata that goes with it is referred to as a ‘Record’

The menu items on the top of the page (4) perform the following functions:

'Create Record'  - if you are registered as an 'Uploader', this will enable you to create new media items (known as 'Records') and associated metadata

'My Account'     - gives you access to your own production area where you can keep 'Records' which interest you and Clips you have made, and you can download them to your PC when you wish.

'Advanced Search'  - allows you to search for media in a number of different ways – eg between dates or in order of date published.

** Other menu items concern Privacy, Terms and Conditions, Guidelines for Users and this Help Guide.


                                                                                “LATEST LIST


On all pages there is a menu item ‘Latest List’ (5).  This shows a list with thumbnails of all the latest content to be uploaded to the site.  You can decide how it is presented (6):

 If you click on any item of Media or 'Record' you will move to the page devoted to that record:




On each Record page you'll not only find a browse copy of your chosen 'Record' ready to play (1), but beneath you'll see all the metadata associated with that Record (2).



Looking to the right hand side of the Video player - there is a list of options relating to the 'Record' (4):


Download Media - enables you to download the 'Record' to your desktop in high quality

Choose “8Mbps Rendition” for best results.  The watermarking on the browse copy is far less prominent on the downloaded copy. (other access levels may allow you to download the original file)  Under this option there is also the opportunity to download a file accelerator which will enable you to choose where on your computer you wish to download to - other than the ‘Downloads’ folder.

The “HLS Video” option enables you to download a quick browse-quality copy of the record

Add to Collection   - enables you to add this 'record' to your 'collection'.  (Your 'collection' is accessed by choosing the 'My Account' option on the Home Page – see below)

Share Media          - enables you to send a link to your chosen 'record' by E Mail or Social Media  (The recipient will need to be a Registered and Validated user of MODAL unless you choose the ‘Open Access option’ and follow the instructions) 

Beneath the video player you can also choose between the Metadata tab and the 'Frames' tab. (5)   'Frames' allows you look at thumbnails from the Video enabling you jump instantly to any part of the video as below. You can even choose the time intervals at which the frames appear (6)


Playing through each clip is now made easier – you can scrub through the media by dragging the red line with picture in picture as in (1) below.  You can also adjust the playback speed by clicking on settings (2)

Beneath the Video Player there is also an option to create your own clips from the video. Click the Scissors icon at (3) below and then select your 'IN' point (4) and ‘OUT’ point (5) by dragging on the “handles” or by tapping the “I” and the “O” on your keyboard respectively. Click on the title of the clip (6) if you wish to change it, and then tap “SET” to save.

Then you can choose at (7) either to add the clip to your “collection”, to download the clip, or to create a new clip.

If you choose to add the clip to your collection, you will be prompted to name your new collection or choose an existing collection to add to.  




You can access your “Collections” by clicking on ‘My Account” at the top of the Home Page.  The account page is shown below.  It’s where you can store clips and records that you want to save.  By clicking on the three dots to the right of each video you can edit labels, change edit points and order a download etc.



In the example below, you'll see there are 'annotations' on the right hand side of the video player.   These are sometimes used either to produce a shotlist for a 'record' containing rushes (as below) - or to flag up the use of footage from an external party in a given 'record'   You'll also find this information in the metadata. If you click on the blue timecodes - the player will automatically take you to the relevant section of the video.






Much of the content on MODAL comprises Military and Defence stories on which the audio is split into two or four tracks.   Track 1 will almost always be occupied by a Reporter Voice Over and Interview Clips. Track 2 will contain the 'clean' sound effects.  


 When you drag the clip downloaded on to your desktop into an Editing timeline - it will appear like this example below (the Demo uses Adobe Premiere Pro):

Removing 'Audio 1' (in white above) will leave you with the 'clean sound effects (on 'Audio 2). However, if you wish to use any interview clips you'll need to restore 'Audio 1' at the appropriate points(s)

Many of the more recent clips/records will contain 4 tracks of audio.  Tracks 3 & 4 will be mixed audio, but if you require ‘Clean’effects, you will need to remove these tracks too and leave yourself with just ‘Audio 2’.


If you have any further questions about using MODAL – please Email us at  [email protected]